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Child Protection Statement & GDPR

Privacy, child protection and photo permissions.

PagepixSports takes child protection seriously and makes every effort to ensure that all images displayed for sale on the site feature only those people who have not withdrawn their permission for photographs to be taken at the event.

If, for reasons beyond PagepixSports control, an image is displayed in error and which needs to be removed, please email as soon as possible. State the gallery name and the image number or brief descriptive details. We will then remove the image or images immediately.

No child or school is ever specifically named on our site.

PagepixSports does not use social media to promote services and so will not use images for that purpose. However, where images have been purchased we cannot take responsibility for how the purchaser uses those images in social media etc.

Where there is an image featuring multiple subjects and one subject has withdrawn their permission for display online, that individual will have their face obscured in post-
production to prevent identification. The image will only then be placed on the site for sale for the benefit of the other subjects featured.

Where an event has been taken down from the website after a period of time, the images are only held offline, in secure storage. If an image is later required by a customer, these can still be accessed upon request.!


PagepixSports is governed by the relevant GDPR and data protection legislation in force at this time.

Any details provided when setting up an account to purchase images through PagepixSports are held securely and in the strictest confidence.

No client details held are ever passed to third parties.

Clients will not receive any marketing communications from us at any point.
The only communications undertaken might be:

  1. Legitimate communication during the process of fulfilling an order.
  2. Responding to enquiries about locating specific images.

If at any point a client or customer wishes to delete their account and the information PagepixSports holds in order to maintain their account, then they should email:

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