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All images downloaded from this site are supplied for private personal use, only by the purchaser.

Owing to the nature of downloadable images, they are the product. Once a link has been sent, you have essentially received your goods and refunds will not be made in most circumstances, unless under the discretion of Pagepix Ltd.

YOU CAN: have prints done, post the images on social media, use them on a blog, utilise images for projects at school or use them on a club website. Basically anything you can do yourself.

YOU CANNOT: pass an image on to someone else to use - They will not have the image rights or license to use the image and they must get in touch with Pagepix Sports photography to discuss their own usage arrangements and potential fees - This includes (as examples) and is not limited to:
newspapers (local, regional, national), magazines, journalist articles, consumer blogs, magazine websites, publishers websites, company newsletters of employers achievements, advertisers, sponsors, PR companies, business social media pages (Facebook, Twitter).

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